An image of a mother lifting her daughter up in the sky.


Hyundai MNSOFT is leading the effort to create
a brighter world with our customers.

Hyundai MNSOFT dreams of a better world in which people are connected to the world and to each other. Through our “Lovemeter” campaign, we help find a way for everyone to live happily.

An image of an eye surgery.


A lot of those around us experience discomfort in their daily lives due to eye diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts, and retinal diseases. But some delay their surgeries because of the cost, causing them to become blind. Just as Hyundai MNSOFT guides the world with navigation, we guide people by sponsoring their eyesight recovery surgeries.

As customers participate in navigation system updates and map improvement requests, the temperature of the “Lovemeter” rises.
And Hyundai MNSOFT sponsors eyesight recovery operation for our neighbors that suffer from eye diseases.

Number of Operations

2,166 Operations

Participation Temperature


Each participation will increase the lovemeter by one Celsious degree

  • Restored with Hope Hui-soo Ahn’s Lovemeter

  • Vision for a New Life Bok-rye Kang’s Lovemeter

Participate in Lovemeter

The more participation in the Lovemeter campaign, the more we help to open the eyes of those in need.
Let’s raise the temperature of the Lovemeter with navigation updates and map improvement requests!