A male employee is having a meeting with his team in front of a PC.


HYUNDAI MNSOFT provides support to all members to grow and make their personal and company’s vision come true.

Assessment and Compensation

Hyundai MNSOFT provides feedback and fairly assesses the achievement and capability of all members to help improve their performance.
Also, on the basis of transformation and growth, we motivate outstanding workers with proper compensation.

Personnel Evaluation

To increase expertise and capabilities, we review the matters that need improvement through frequent feedback between leaders and members.

  • Have you set and met your goals?
  • How did you contribute to your team with your performance?
  • If you could not meet the goal, what was the reason, and how would you improve your performance?
  • What kind of knowledge, skills, and attitude do you need for your job?
  • What kind of capabilities do you have, and how do you use them?
  • How do you plan to improve your capability for better performance?


We encourage people with salary increase and bonus based on the fair assessment.

Salary Increase
  • Salary Increase is set by the result of the individual assessment and the profit of the company.
  • Up to 30% of the annual salary Is given, according to the individual assessment.
  • Special Bonus for top performers.

Education and Training Program

Hyundai MNSOFT provides various programs to help members foster their own visions
and growth plans and strengthen their capabilities.

  • General Capability
    Core Value Internalization
    Vision Workshop
    Insight Day
    Soft Landing
    New Employee Training
    Mentor-Mentee Program
    Global Talent Program
  • Leadership Capability
    Training for Next generation Leaders
    Leadership Training by Position
    Promotee Training Training for Promoted Employees
    Next Generation Leader Training
    Leadership Improvement Programs
    Leadership Academy
    LMP(Leadership Master Program)
  • Skill and Capability
    Strengthening Job Skill and Capability
    New Employee Retention Training (Reboot)
    Shared Job Training by Position
    New Tech Program
    AI Academy
    SW Academy
    Big Data Expert Training Course
    Open Seminar
  • Global Capability
    Various Language Programs
    Language Classes
    Online/Phone Tutoring
    Language Exam Support
    Self-Development Support
    International Conference Visit
    Instructor Training Course
    Certification Support

Benefit Policy

The company provides various benefit policies to help the most talented employees to pursue satisfying lives with a good work-life balance.

With the Family
Summer Holiday and Vacation Bonus
Recreation Facilities (hotel, condominium) Support
Travel Fees and Gift Support for Holidays
Housing Loans
Family Event Support
For Life and Health
Vehicle Purchasing Support
Employee and Family Health Checkups
Medical Expenses, Group Accident Insurance Support
Flu Vaccination Support
Life Legal Counseling
Always Happy
Benefits Point System
Club Activity and Support
Company Gymnasium
Rest Area for Female Employees
Growing Together
CoP (Community of Practice)
On/Offline Courses for Self-Development
Long-Term Employee Rewards