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We are looking for prospective people to lead the way into the autonomous driving era with HYUNDAI MNSOFT.

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R&D / Quality Control

We are at the forefront of developing the technology of future mobility market.
Experts in software development, design, quality control, etc. are working together to create the best technology.

  • Software Development

    • Digital Map Production Technology and Domestic/International Map Contents Development

      HD map technology for autonomous driving development (computer vision, deep learning, sensor fusion technology), cloud-based map platform development

    • Navigation Software Development

      Navigation engine development (route plan/guide, traffic information, map matching, display), software architecture development, HMI development, controller development, project management

    • Mobile Application Development

      Application planning and development on mobile operating system (Android, iOS)

    • Vehicle Connectivity Service Development and Operation

      Building GIS/LBS service development and operation center, OTA(Over The Air) technology development, traffic information analysis algorithm development

  • Design

    • UX/UI, GUI Design Planning and Development

      Design trend research and analysis, navigation GUI design planning and development

  • Research Planning

    • Technology planning and Project Management

      Technical roadmap management, new technology innovation, patent management

  • Quality Control

    • Software and system quality management

      Quality management methodology planning, code verification, software and system integration assessment, VOC analysis and response

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Business /
Management Support

For the stable operation of the company, we formulate strategies and manage risks.
We plan systems and policies in which encourage our employees to perform their competenceis.

  • Business

    • Vehicle infotainment and GIS/LBS business operation and service planning

      Market environment analysis and business strategies, profitability analysis

  • Company Management Strategy

    • Company’s vision and mid-to-long-term business strategies, public relations

      Open innovation, business planning and management, public relations

  • Purchasing

    • Strategic purchase planning and partnership building

      Sourcing and management of human resource, facility, material, etc.

  • IT Planning Operation

    • Internal IT resource and system operation strategy and support

      Cloud service management, IT infrastructure and application management, information security

  • Finance

    • Company’s strategic decision-making support and financial risk management

      Business analysis, fiscal management, tax management, IR

  • HR, Education

    • HR system planning and operation

      HR planning, HR management, labor, organizational culture, education

  • General Affairs

    • Work environment improvement and benefit system design

      Material resource management, security, and benefits system operation

  • Legal

    • Business risk minimization through legal issue countermeasures

      Contract review, litigation and dispute countermeasures