An image of a woman is driving convertible car.


Hyundai MNSOFT provides a next generation wireless GIS service to help customers drive as safely and conveniently as possible.

With the combination of automobile and IT technology, the car is becoming as the moving smart device,
a mobile living space. Hyundai MNSOFT is ushering to the new era of “Car to Life” in which the car is a place to
live with various location-based contents and high quality services. Hyundai MNSOFT brings to you
the new “super connected, intelligent lifestyle.”

An image of the navigation system on the infotainment.

GIS Service
for Hyundai Motor Group

Connected Car connects the vehicle to the server to exchange data and provide a variety of valuable information to the driver.
Hyundai MNSOFT’s navigation system, implemented in the Hyundai Motor Group’s connectivity services like “BlueLink”, “UVO”, and “Genesis Connected Service”, search for the best route with real-time traffic information and traffic forecasts to help customers reach their destinations as quickly as possible.

An image of the intersection showing location-based information, including weather, parking, gas stations, and accidents.

Global Location-Based Contents

Hyundai MNSOFT provides location-based content, such as traffic, weather, parking, gas, and charging stations, through domestic and global networks.
We help drivers enjoy a more convenient and affluent car life by providing them with location based-content in real time.

Connectivity service using wireless network, allowing the navigation system updates to the latest version even while driving.

Navigation System Wireless Updates

Hyundai MNSOFT’s navigation systems are continuously advancing over the wireless network. With OTA (Over The Air), the navigation system updates to the latest version even while on the road, making the drive safer and more convenient.