An image of various roads with intersections among skyscrapers.

HD Mapping Solution for Autonomous Driving

We are working to provide the new value of conveniences in the autonomous driving era by developing and advancing HD Map technology.

HD Map contains all the information on roads to help safe autonomous driving.
Hyundai MNSOFT is developing HD Map to make our customers’ lives safer and
more convenient in the coming era of autonomous driving.

An illustrative image of Hyundai MNSOFT's AD Eco System. First, data collected through MMS, DRONE, RedBox. Second, HD Map Factory produces HD Map. Third, HD Map transmitted to the vehicle.

AD Eco

Hyundai MNSOFT’s AD Eco System (Autonomous Driving Eco System) is a HD Map development platform for the entire process of HD Map production. By collecting, processing, and transmitting data, we create and update HD Map in real time.
Data collected by mapping instruments, such as MMS (Mobile Mapping System) vehicles and drones, are processed automatically in the artificial intelligence HD Map Factory and developed into HD Map. HD Map is transmitted to vehicles for autonomous driving, and the road data collected in real-time is also applied to the HD Map, making it more accurate. Hyundai MNSOFT’s AD Eco System is making HD Map for autonomous driving more accurate and sophisticated.

An image of RedBox


Hyundai MNSOFT has developed the RedBox which can accurately detect lanes, facilities, and structures on the road. We have secured the technology that can detect real-time changes on the road. Equipped on board, the RedBox uses a variety of sensors to collect data of objects on the road in real time and transmits them to the Hyundai MNSOFT AD Eco System server. Such data is then used to detect road changes and automatically update the HD Map. Hyundai MNSOFT is building the foundation for safe autonomous driving by consistently generating high-quality HD Map.

An illustrative image of HD Map and contains objects on the road such as traffic lights and signs along with a road in a binary format.

Map Auto Creation

The MAC (Map Auto Creation) is Hyundai MNSOFT’s self-developed technology that automatically constructs HD Map. With data from deep learning and computer vision technology, SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping), specialized mapping instrument, and crowd sourcing, the MAC automatically detects and extracts data of lanes, traffic lights, traffic signs, and other objects on roads to build HD Map. Hyundai MNSOFT produces the highest quality HD Map in Korea with our MAC technology.

An illustrative image of automated valet parking in the indoor parking lot.

Parking Lot HD Map for Automated Valet Parking

Hyundai MNSOFT is developing the infrastructure necessary for automated valet parking. We also have contributed in HD Map and localization technology to make cars accurately identify their position and park successfully even in areas with no GPS signal such as indoor parking lots. We are accelerating for the advancement of the automated valet parking.

An illustrative image of autonomous drone flies along an airspace path.

Airspace Map for Autonomous Drones

Hyundai MNSOFT’s airspace mapping technology is preparing the way for the era of autonomous drones. We are investing on 3D space mapping technology for the safe flight of drones and transportation in the sky. Hyundai MNSOFT’s airspace map will help to progress the drone industry and the various services using drone technology.