An image of the infotainment system in the vehicle.


Hyundai MNSOFT is creating various contents and services to provide profound values and experiences.

As Korea’s forefront GIS•LBS data company developing HD Map, ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) map, and navigation map, Hyundai MNSOFT has optimized digital map data and solutions for vehicles.

An illustrative image of autonomous driving, using HD Map data, including tunnels, lanes and traffic light, signs.

HD Map

HD map is an important key to advance towards the era of autonomous driving. HD Map contains various road contents necessary for autonomous driving, such as traffic lanes, traffic lights, and road signs, which keep safe autonomous driving. Hyundai MNSOFT leads the development of HD Map in Korea with the accumulated technology and expertise in the field of GIS.


ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) map contains information about the height, curvature, and gradient of roads. The map supports the HDA (Highway Driving Assist), NSCC (Navigation-based Smart Cruise Control), and other advanced automotive assistance functions for precise driving.

An image of the navigation system on the infotainment.
An image of the navigation system on the infotainment.

Navigation Map

Navigation map has the necessary information for the functions of navigation system such as information search, route search, and driving directions. With sophisticated and accurate RealLink traffic information, we create optimized navigation map for automobiles.